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A Note from Election Night 2018

A Note from Election Night 2018

Friends and partners, 

We have finally reached the end of another whirlwind election year. Virginia is a blue state now. 

We will wake up in a new era tomorrow in the commonwealth, because young voters got us here. Because we worked our asses off on 30 campuses. Because we put $2.2 million into young Virginians, the largest and most progressive voting bloc. 

What we know now: We have flipped three House seats and have elected three incredible Democratic women to congress, in seats previously held by Republicans. In VA-2, Elaine Luria was trailing until Williamsburg was 100% reported—after we turned out thousands of William and Mary students to vote in one precinct. All four Youth Vote Indicator Precincts we have tracked today exceeded both 2014 and 2017 turnout numbers. We have registered nearly 25,000 young voters and pledged nearly 29,000 to vote. We have knocked nearly 100,000 doors, sent over 100,000 texts, and reached over 400,000 young Virginians through mail and digital ads. On campuses like VCU and Virginia Tech, we had hundreds lining up to vote before the polls closed. A year ago, we achieved historic youth vote turnout in Virginia, and this year, we are confident that we have bested ourselves. 

We will have more data to share with you in the coming couple of days, but for now, we thank you all for following us as we worked so hard to give each young voter the tools they needed to exercise their power. They have chosen who they want to govern them, and this is a pattern that will continue for years to come—we won't be going anywhere, and neither will this new generation of lifelong voters. 

Love from the #youthvote,