about me


“You’re like, Virginia Politics Barbie now,” a friend recently declared to me over drinks at a favorite Richmond spot. While I may have laughed in response, to me this is both the perfect compliment and a great encapsulation of my passions and professional work.

I am a lifelong Virginian, a lover of beauty and fashion and everything pink, a student at heart, a publicist and a political operative. At work I turn companies into brands, I win elections, I tell stories. Outside of the office I play hostess, teach myself new tricks (cooking, most recently), and gladly spend hours styling new outfits and makeup looks. But I’ve never seen a need to keep my varied interests and talents in tidy little boxes, all apart from one another. After all, corporate PR and politics are both fields that could use a little sparkle, and I’m happy to bring some to every project I tackle.