About Me


Hello! I'm a 23-year-old based in Richmond, Virginia, and a lover of clothes, makeup, decor, politics, and my pup (named Sephora, appropriately). 

I'm the current communications manager for NextGen Virginia, a progressive grassroots political organization focused on increasing youth involvement and turnout in elections. Prior to joining NextGen, I was the Executive Assistant at the Democratic Party of Virginia, and have also worked with several other companies on social media strategy and press relations. I'm a Virginia Commonwealth University alumna, having graduated from the Robertson School of Media and Culture in 2017 with a degree in public relations. 

I'm passionate about my work, and spend most of my time (especially between August and November!) focused on winning elections with our team. In my personal time I love playing with makeup and clothes, or spending time with friends at my favorite spots in Richmond, my home for the past five years.

Thanks for visiting!